Simple Cabinet Modification

So that we could ensure that a radiator was not blocked we wanted to downsize our TV cabinet and mount the TV on the wall.

All our lounge furniture is based on the Corona style pine furniture so there were a few options. We found that a bedside cabinet was the right size. It was deep and wide enough house power, PVR and DVD player and realised that we could simply skip the step in the instructions to add the door. In the style of an Ikea Hack we added a shelf and used parts from the door for a matching trim.

We first assembled the cabinet without the door. I sawed some wooden blocks that could be screwed to the inside to act as supports and cut some 6mm MDF to size for the shelf. The door was disassembled and part of it was planed and sawn to size to act as a cross piece. Given that the rest of the assembly used pocket screws, I decided to also use that technique for the cross piece.

The last step was to drill a large hole in the back panel to feed the plugs through. And we’ve since added a sheet of acrylic so our new kitten does not get tangled in the wires.

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