Potting Bench – Part 3

The next part of the bench to build was the top. The back of the top was made from a scaffold plank, the ends were going rotten but I managed to cut a nice section from the middle 1m long.

The other pieces were simply sawn to length from the pieces I had. When I came to attach the parts I noticed that the plank was not very flat, so I turned it around a few times till it seemed to fit best. I drilled through the front with a 5mm drill and screwed the 3 cross pieces to it with 4mm x 75mm “exterior” screws. These have a dachrotised (ceramic/rustproof/slippy) coating. I then repeated the process with the back board, making sure it was all squared before tightening up the screws.

I’ll attach the legs temporarily and screw the cross pieces in place before completing the top. The legs will have to be removed to get the bench in the car for delivery.

The two more planks will make up the top and will just be nailed on. Hopefully I can get some nice pieces out of the remaining planks.

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