Other Flea Sculptures and models

The flea sculpture is nearly finished, so I thought I’d share some other people’s creations.

Merkaba’s flea is made from Sculpey Premo Polymer Clay and has the cheeky message, “if brains were leather you’d have enough to make a saddle for a flea”.

Ellen Rixford made this 18″ cloth flea model for an advert for a flea collar.

Greg and Jeff Quayle make the “Origional Flea” sculptures a series of unique handcrafted “flea” characters performing different activities.

Nicole Jakins from Queensland, Australia has this witty take on mans best friend. The flea is made from recycled copper, sterling silver, dog registration tag and a cat bell hidden within body. She’s also written a few words on the making of the flea.

Derl Wolmuth has the last and largest of the flea sculptures I’ve found. His bicycle flea is made from pvc, bamboo, paper and bicycle parts and was designed to be ridden in a parade.

3 thoughts on “Other Flea Sculptures and models

  1. Purple Shoes says:

    So much detail in the Polymer clay flea, that’s amazing!

  2. Purple Shoes says:

    Love the polymer clay flea sculpture, lots of detail, would drive me insane making it! Good variety of these pesky little critters.

  3. otoilet says:

    This is a good website!

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