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The other week on Twitter I was introduced to the Random Things website.

The site showcases items that the author has found or that people have send it. Those of you who are mathematicians might think that the items are not particularly random at all, in fact they are distinctly un-random in that they are typically items that have been misplaced or are out of the ordinary.

There was a link at the top of the page explaining how to contribute so I headed off down the shed to see what items I could send in to this crowd sourced wunderkammer.

I selected a handful of items that were small enough to post, that I did not need and were all different. It was entirely co-incidental that there were ten of them. As you will see if you visit the site, they took an excellent photo of them.

I sent a note along with my items:

These items were sourced from the window ledge in the Workshopshed; they are items that have accumulated over the years as being possibly useful, so far that has proved not to be the case.

3 thoughts on “Random Post

  1. Anonymous says:

    is that Random as in Random frequent flyer dent?

  2. Ford says:

    It is possible that the whole thing is just a message left by the mice!

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