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James Nasmyth an Autobiography

James Nasmyth an Autobiography

Although I don’t have a kindle yet, I do have the software on my phone and laptop. One of the books that appeared in the free downloads was “James Nasmyth engineer; an autobiography”, obviously I had to download that and

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A little venture with electronics – LCD diagnostics and software

A little venture with electronics - LCD diagnostics and software

So wiring up the LCD and getting it to display some text should have been simple, I had all the bits, the wiring was very straight forward and the libraries for programming were all written. But the screen was just

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Sugru – Fixing, hacking, creating

Sugru - Fixing, hacking, creating

I’ve known about Sugru for some time now but not really had a project that warented it’s use. However, they recently had a sale so I got an 8 pack for half price and co-incidentally had a couple of projects

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Mega Scaff

Mega Scaff

In London over the last few years there has been quite a lot of construction work. There are many new buildings being built but also quite a few where they keep the facade and build a new shell. I can

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Random Post

Random Post

The other week on Twitter I was introduced to the Random Things website. The site showcases items that the author has found or that people have send it. Those of you who are mathematicians might think that the items are

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