Furniture upcycling

When we moved into the current house we bought some very cheap pine furniture to tide us over. The wardrobes did not last long with the doors warping so that they did not close properly so we replaced those with a large wall long wardrobe from Ikea with walnut coloured doors.

The issue with this is that other furniture no longer matches. After a long search failing to find anything in Ikea or any other shops that matches. The only things were found were real walnut which cost several hundred pounds each.

So we decided to varnish the old drawers and swap out the wooden handles with some new ones. Handles are quite expensive and I needed 18 of them to replace all of the existing ones. After a bit of searching I managed to get a bargain box of 20 satin nickel handles on eBay.

Before varnishing, I took everything apart and glued it back together. The joints for the drawers are very clever when they work but sometimes they need a bit of glue to hold them securely.

Here’s the first drawers before and after.

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