Potting Bench – Part 2

Making the second pair of legs was fairly uneventful, a couple of knots meant that one piece of scrap just refused to separate itself regardless of how much I attacked it with chisels and saws. One tip I can give is before you start the half lap is to use the chisel to “score” along your marking lines. That means that it’s less lightly to split when you start removing the wood, of course I worked this out on the last leg.

The legs are squarer than this photo might suggest, however the photo does not lie with regards to one set of legs being smaller than the other. That’s a side effect of the wood I had available as mentioned in the previous post.

Before screwing these together I decided to assemble to top. This is just a straightforward sawing and screwing exercise but I will drill the through holes first and pilot for the others as this is old wood and I don’t want it to split.

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