Creating an N-Gauge Pub

To go with the N-Gauge Pub sign, I needed an N-Gauge Pub, so I ordered a cardboard kit from Upstairs Downstairs on the Isle of Wight. I found some low relieve timber-framed shops which fitted the theme I am going for. The kit creates two buildings and one of these more naturally seemed like a pub so I made that up first.

After consulting with Twitter, I decided to get some Deluxe Materials Roket card glue, it is expensive but as I’ve a few of these buildings to create, it will get used up. The glue came with a long applicator nozzle and some examples of how it was used. The main tips were to use sparingly and remove with water. The nozzle made applying it really easy, although occasionally created bubbles. For positioning and cleanup of the glue, I used a couple of cocktail sticks. The glue held quickly and I didn’t need to use anything to hold the parts together whilst it dried.

The kit builds two buildings but the instructions are sufficiently detailed to identify which are which. There are some parts that are used for both kits such as the laser cut gable ends. The only confusing step in the instructions was that for fitting the shop interior. I couldn’t see where the parts were. That was because the instruction booklet itself has these parts to cut out. However, as I’m building a custom interior that wasn’t needed. The other step I glossed over was the painting before assembly, as you fold the card the scorelines expose white edges which will need painting up. The instructions recommend doing this before assembly but I’ll be doing all the weathering afterwards. The fiddliest parts were the tiny brackets that act as supports for the window frames, I applied glue to those and manoeuvred using two cocktail sticks.

As well as the weathering there are some ridge tiles to add. Otherwise, the (half) kit was assembled in one evening. I’ve glued on the 3D printed sign with the same glue and despite being ABS it seems to have bonded well.

I’ve three more of these buildings to assemble and will be adding custom details to each of them. These will be printed interiors and signs, sticking them on with the help of some of the spare card from the kits. I do have a spare kit in case I feel like customising or kitbashing anything.

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