D.I.Y "Do it yourself" or home improvements. Fixing things around the house. Also see repairs

Felting a shed roof

As part of my roof upgrade I’ve been putting felt on the roof. I used two layers of felt, the underfelt does not have the stone chippings on it that protect the felt from the effects of the sun. I’ve

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Shed Roof Project

Shed Roof Project

When I inherited the Workshopshed I was impressed by the clear plastic roof and how much light it gave. However as the first winter hit I spotted that it provided no thermal insulation at all and also had some issues

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DDIY – Don’t Do it Yourself?

DDIY - Don't Do it Yourself?

Lisa Anne Auerbach from the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest raises the idea of “Don’t Do it Yourself” which has not surprisingly got their backs up at Make Magazine. She raises the concern that by attempting to “Do it Yourself”

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