Candle Snuffer

Another little mini project. Some of our candles can be a bit tempremental when blown out with wax flying everywhere and I burn my fingers snuffing them out “manually”. So I went old school and made a little candle snuffer.

The raw materials are some thin copper tubing left over from the welded flea project and some copper pipe left by our builders, for those who are regular readers, yes they did leave a lot of stuff. I cut the pipe into a semicircle and after several attempts formed a cone using a couple of pairs of pliers.

I moved my hearth onto the main bench so I’d have room to work and clamped up the parts for silver soldering. I mixed up some flux and pasted it onto the joint. The soldering job was done with a butane torch and was straight forward and uneventful.

It needed a bit of a clean up and polish.

To give the handle a bit of bulk and thermal insulation (probably not really necessary) I wrapped it with some yellow Sugru.

All that was needed then was to test it out. The first pass was not quite perfect, I suspected air was getting under the rim. So I took it back to the workshop to flatten out the bottom a with a file. After that it was ready for use.

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