Boxing the flea chariot

The flea chariot is off for a month in an art gallery up in Manchester so I wanted to ensure it would survive the journey up there and back. I already had a wooden box in the style of a pair of books so that seemed like a good starting point for making something. I also had some insulation blocks left over from the workshopshed roof rebuild project so those were cut up and hollowed out to form the shapes of the dome and magnifying glass.

That was a bit of a messy job so I did some vacuuming to get rid of all of the little pieces. The covering was some burgandy coloured felt, sourced from kleins and glue to the foam. Kleins also supplied some webbing and a buckle to form a strap to hold the box shut.

The whole thing is to be packaged up with some postcards and yet more foam pieces to protect it from the couriers….

One thought on “Boxing the flea chariot

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